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Noxious Terrorstrike are a crust punk band from Johannesburg South Africa. We will be playing on Friday 28th April at ROAR, with Peasant, Mudslinger and Overhex.

We all look forward to playing ROAR again, or playing at ROAR with this band.
Pull through for some rough music!


21:15-21:45 - MUDSLINGER
22:00-22:30 - Overhex
22:45-23:15 - Peasant
23:30-00:00 - Noxious Terrorstrike

A man once said: "As the push to reignite and re-establish our once glorious and only but growing punkrock movement”continues, unity rounds up some of our current and pioneering punk bands of the jozi movement to stand as one in a thunderous dropkick to the balls of the generic going rate! in chorus of angst and coalition!"
"Well the time is now! so crack beer, stand up, run in circles! as bands of a new and old generation do what they do what they love to do!"
"It is in our hands that we bring it together! we believe we do possess some of the best punkrock bands in the world, it seems like it has just become a chore to find unsurpassed and incessant support"

This is for everyone who believes that nobody deserves to be raped. Let's stop victim blaming together. Pirates Bowling Club. 16 September 2017.